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The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb

Miss Atomic Bomb
Making out we’ve got the radio on
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Racing shadows in the moonlight
And taking chances on a hot night
And for a second there we won
Yeah we were innocent and young

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Hayden Calnin
Oh, Hunter EP
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Coward | Hayden Calnin

Physical, magical, you’ve left
Oh, I’m suddenly less
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Hakuna Matata: happy Disney songs [listen]

1. Hakuna Matata (Lion King)   2. True to your Heart (Mulan)   3. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)    4. One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)   5. A Star is Born (Hercules)   6. I just can’t Wait to be King (Lion King)   7. A Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)   8. I can Go the Distance (Hercules)   9. You’ll Be in my Heart (Tarzan)   10. I’ve Got a Dream (Tangled)   11. Dig a Little Deeper (The Princess and the Frog)   12. Friend Like Me (Aladdin)   13. Under The Sea (Little Mermaid)   14. If I didn’t have you (Monsters, Inc.)

Dedicated to my tumblr mates: listen to this if you feel down - and know that you got a friend in me :)

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Sleepwalking (Acoustic BMTH Cover)
This Wild Life
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Sleepwalking by BMTH acoustic cover by This Wild Life

This is what I need now

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Dark Side of Disney: Villainous Songs [listen]

Friends on the other side (Princess and the Frog) | Trust in Me (Jungle Book) | Mother Knows Best (Tangled) | Prince Ali - Reprise (Aladdin) | Snuff Out The Light (The Emperor’s New Groove) | Be Prepared (Lion King) | Poor Unfortunate Souls (Little Mermaid) | In the Dark of the Night (Anastasia) | My Lullaby (Lion King 2) | Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) | The Mob Song (Beauty & The Beast) | Twisted (Twisted - Starkid Musical)

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SERENITY [listen here[download here]|  (a mix for cool mornings and pale complexions, for a calm breeze and quiet thoughts)

i. only ones who know - arctic monkeys | ii. promise - ben howard | iii. i found a reason - cat power | iv. shallows - daughter | v. ocean - dream koala | vi. sweet life - frank ocean | vii. moon - foals | viii. another me - godwolf | ix. pirouette - lisa mitchell | x. the waves - memoryhouse | xi. sunset - the xx | xii. all these things (feat holly miranda) - mmoths | xiii. better times -  beach house | xiv. cannons -  youth lagoon

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Everybody’'s Watching Me (Uh Oh)
The Neighbourhood
I Love You.
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Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) | The Neighbourhood

I let you find it on your own
Then I found myself alone

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Night Terror (Live From York Minster)
Laura Marling
A Creature I Don't Know (Deluxe Version)
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White Lies by Max Frost, featured on Starcrossed Episode 5: “Dreamer’s Often Lie”.


I’m picking up really sketch vibes
My woman’s been telling me lies
About other men
About where she’s been hanging

Suspicious thoughts in my mind
Been brewing up over time
“He’s just a friend,”
When to me he’s a stranger

I can hold no evidence
But I can’t think emotionless
And something in your choice of dress
Tonight can lead to just one guess

White Lies
You try
Can’t blind my eyes
You got your red dress on
And you want to play
Like I can’t know things that I’ve never seen

Its been keeping me up every night
Most of the time
I toss and turn in bed and I try
Not to explode
When you arrive
sneaking through
like it ain’t 5
like this house ain’t mine

Yes I been picking up really sketch vibes
And I keep looking over at your side
Wondering where you been
Thinking that he ain’t a friend
Knowing that thoughts are a sin
And so I’ll say it again

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The Wolves
Ben Howard
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